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Unredacted Secret FISA MEMO 4 Page PDF Download Here.
911dude 02.02.2018 0 136

Secret FISA Court 100 Page MEMO Leaked PDF Download Link Here. Unredacted 4 Page Just Released Secret FISA MEMO Download Here.
911dude 23.01.2018 0 356

Gun owners should be very concerned about the events unfolding in Syria. By signing on to the lie that Syria's Assad used sarin gas against his own people and launching an unprovoked illegal tomahawk cruise missile attack against the Syrian military, Donal
911dude 18.04.2017 0 152

It's official. President Trump is now Al Qaeda's Air Force. By illegally bombing Syrian military targets he demonstrates beyond any doubt that he has little comprehension of what's really going on in the world. His gullibility and ignorance is on full disp
911dude 11.04.2017 0 194

Geoengineering is destroying my state. We see unfiltered sun once every 10 days. The insect population is crashing and all the trees are dying. Please president Trump. Stop using chemical weapons on us!
911dude 10.04.2017 0 122

In the sixteen years since 9/11 not one state attorney general has investigated the crime that was 9/11. Not one. With literally thousands of data points from which to launch a criminal investigation not a single individual from any government whether it b
911dude 26.03.2017 0 237

I have known for years that I would be forced to write this article and I have been dreading it. The devastatingly horrific consequences of that day still trouble me deeply. I didn't know anyone who died on September 11, 2001 or have died since in the sixt
911dude 18.03.2017 0 245
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