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The Justice System Has Failed Us -- It's Time For The Military To Arrest The 9/11 Criminals

In the sixteen years since 9/11 not one state attorney general has investigated the crime that was 9/11. Not one. With literally thousands of data points from which to launch a criminal investigation not a single individual from any government whether it be state, federal, local or international has taken action to hold the actual perpetrators of 9/11 to account. Yes it is true intelligence agencies from several countries colluded in the attack. I'm not concerned with them right now. Justice for them will come after the people and organizations in the U.S. that planned and executed the attacks are arrested, tried and convicted for their parts in the false flag stand down.

As a citizen of this great country we call America I have exhausted all available options trying to seek justice for the 3000 people murdered on 9/11 and the millions that have been killed in other countries since 9/11. Our so called justice system is so obviously corrupt, packed with friends and relatives of the actual 9/11 planners, that expecting anything out of theses cowards is hopeless and has now officially become a waste of time.

The military has had to bear the brunt of the costs of 9/11 in both dead and injured servicemen and in destroyed readiness preparedness. When soldiers return home from the 9/11 wars they are abused by the VA and are committing suicide at record rates. Their families are forever ruined and the societal impact isn't even quantifiable. Can anyone actually point to one thing that has happened since 9/11 that has been good for humanity? I can't. It's all bad.

This country will never heal and will never be good again until we deal with this. We are not the good guys anymore. We are the aggressors starting unnecessary wars all over the world. Before we make the mistake of starting the next Big One let's reduce tensions internationally by dong the right thing for once. Let's have the military step in and exact some justice where the civilian justice system has failed us. I am calling on the military to launch their own investigation into 9/11. We have one ace up our sleeve and I think it's time to use it before we cross a line that we can't walk back. There are hundreds of people directly involved in this conspiracy and thousands more that have helped to cover it up. I want them ALL arrested. Let's make good use of that prison camp called gitmo and put the real masterminds in orange jumpsuits.

I recommend we appoint Dr. Steve Pieczenik to head up the investigation as he is intimately knowledgeable on this subject and has all the evidence needed to root out the traitors in our midst.

I want Big Fish to go down for attacking our country on 9/11. The world has had enough. I have had enough. Let's get it done already.


Please visit 911Dude.Net for all the information the military should need to get the ball rolling.

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