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Is Donald Trump A Man Of Peace Or A Piece Of Shit?

It's official. President Trump is now Al Qaeda's Air Force. By illegally bombing Syrian military targets he demonstrates beyond any doubt that he has little comprehension of what's really going on in the world. His gullibility and ignorance is on full display as he has fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the military playbook. The false flag. By reversing his one week old decision not to target Assad for removal he has made it very clear that he has been compromised and has now partnered with the 9/11 criminals that started all of these illegal wars.

I'm not going to list the many things that this president has done to discredit our movement and anger me personally. Just know that he has already betrayed us on so many levels I can't believe all this has been done in less than 100 days.

With an armada of war ships heading to confront North Korea and ground forces massing in Iraq and Syria I'm guessing something bad is going to happen and Trump will have no choice but to show us all how tough he is and get us involved AGAIN in another unconstitutional, illegal war of aggression. A good businessman and a seemingly good family man but a terrible judge of character as he has surrounded himself with people that do not share my beliefs. Trump has totally underestimated the convictions of the group that got him elected.

So I guess it comes down to this. It's either nuclear war and economic collapse followed by a bottleneck event in which 90% of the American public dies in a grid down holocaust or worldwide peace and economic prosperity for all. Let's pray the Donald makes the right choice.

Should Trump continue on this path to war and betrayal I will consider him to be a spectacular failure and recommend he resign or be impeached immediately.

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