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How Will President Trump Respond To A Staged False Flag Mass Shooting On US Soil?

Gun owners should be very concerned about the events unfolding in Syria. By signing on to the lie that Syria's Assad used sarin gas against his own people and launching an unprovoked illegal tomahawk cruise missile attack against the Syrian military, Donald Trump has proven that he is very gullible and can easily be fooled using staged false flag events.

Once you tell a massive lie and stick to it even though it is so obviously false you willingly allow yourself to be implicated in future staged events. Once credibility and trust are lost they are lost forever. Donald Trump has already lost me. I vigorously campaigned for him and I already regret it. Tell me a lie and you've lost me. Tell me a lie and try and start a war over it and you've turned me against you.

What will happen the first time the fraud media starts to flash pictures of dead children on the screen after an alt-right racist white male shoots up a school during a staged dhs capstone event? What will the president do? How will he react? Is he going to act in accordance with the law or is he going to listen to the hoards of liberal zionist neocons that surround him and call for gun confiscation? After the recent actions of this president in Syria who knows what he will do. Donald Trump is, after all, from New York, was once a democrat and is surrounded by people who hate the 2nd Amendment. You figure it out.

Look for more staged mass shootings in the future. The deep state is firmly in charge and they want the American people disarmed so they can have their way with us. You haven't fallen for it in the past don't fall for it now. Ever wonder why Trump kept incessantly reciting that poem about the snake? I hate to say it but it looks like we may have a traitor in our midst. Stay alert, stay vigilant. The plans for the next major anti Second Amendment push are already in the pipeline.

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